Thursday, 18 July 2019

Under Buzz

I'm very happy to have my sonnet 'Under Buzz' published on the ANU's Website Promised the Moon.

The poem can be accessed using this link:

Sunday, 27 January 2019

Recent Work

Here are two of my haiku from Echidna Track's Landscapes:

sale yard
herds of cattle
stand in their shadows

all positions vacant
galahs at dusk

These haiku were published in Stardust Haiku:

setting sun
in the daisy's petals
a prayer enclosed

December 2018

the artist tries
a deeper violet
midnight sky

January 2019

Monday, 10 December 2018

Two poems from Presence 62, 2018


first glimpse

of her ultrasound

. . . opal dawn

Changing light

I don't know why we’ve taken this unknown road.  The sky's a-wash with colour and we've still a way to go. Suddenly you say: 'Look, a hare.' It's poised in the minute of that final blaze, as if in an otherworldly trance. Just one glimpse becomes a lumen print.

Then it lopes into the undergrowth.  Nothing is visible but two large ears and bright eyes peeping through burnished frondescence. What is it waiting for?  For a while we sit in the grace of the moment, expecting some miracle to happen. By now our muse has slipped into evening  . . .

changing light

the full moon offers

a koan

Sunday, 21 October 2018

Vancouver Cherry Blossom Festival

I'm delighted to receive an honourable mention in the Vancouver Cherry Blossom Festival Haiku Awards for this haiku:

at her bedside
a child she once knew
cherry blossoms

Hazel Hall

Thursday, 18 October 2018

Moonlight over the Siding

I'm thrilled that my collection of published tanka, Moonlight over the Siding was recently accepted for publication by Interactive Press. Each subsection has a coloured image by the late Robert (Bob) Tingey, Antarctic geologist and author of The Geology of Antarctica (1991). Thanks to his wife Nancy for photographing the images. Bob received the Australian Antarctic Medal for services to Australia's Antarctic Program in 1990. Thanks to IP publisher Dr David Reiter for designing the beautiful cover.

Not surprisingly, one of the Bob's best known images is 'Antarctic Waters'. It has been exhibited in the gallery at the Visitors' Centre in the National Botanic Gardens. Here is the poem I chose for it:

beneath the breakers
a hermit crab chooses
an empty shell
I didn't appreciate
the depth of your pain

Click these links to find out more:

Step By Step

Recently I collaborated with Angelina Egan to produce a chapbook of Tai Chi steps (Yang form), Step by Step. It shows the 24 steps, demonstrated by Angie and photographed by her daughter Bethany, with a meditative haiku related to each one. An inexpensive gift for Tai Chi lovers.

My gratitude to fellow poet Gregory Piko who read and commented before printing and has reviewed Step by Step  on his website:

Thanks also to Chrissi Villa, editor of the online haiku and tanka journal Frameless Sky,who featured a full video of Step by Step, read by me and demonstrated by Angie.